Dear all!
I would like to introduce myself first!
I was born and raised in Shenzhen, China! A beautiful, young city located in the south of China, just above Hong Kong. This city was only a fishing village 30 years ago, but today, it is one of the biggest cities in China and still growing in exponential speed everyday! I can say that I am the first generation lucky enough to be born and raised in this amazing place. No matter how far I have traveled, I always call Shenzhen home!

When I was 15 years old, I sailed across the pacific and went to high school in gorgeous Vancouver, Canada! I had two amazing years there, where I fully picked up my language skills and this international effect made me who I am today. Now, I am fortunately studying in the University of Hong Kong, where most people in Asia would dream to get in. I have met some of the most amazing people in this vibrant world city and over the past year, I have emerged into a completely different person, more mature, understanding, and more intelligent.(at least I myself think so haha)

I am also working as a model in Hong Kong and trying to pursue a career in food/travel journalist!

VOILA!I am a life passionate, hard working, party loving, music addicted, food and fashion inspired, travel maniac person. Oh and by the way, a little patriotic communist haha


Johnny Q


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