Spring in Victoria, BC, Canada





Le printemps, la saisons de mon rêves. Dans la ville où les fleurs s’épanouissent et où les vagues restent encore. J’ai passé quelqu’uns de les plus belles jours de ma vie.

Digging into the spring festivals of this gorgeous marino city, I discovered some of the most peaceful stony beaches, spotless gardens and purest human livelihood in the world.

Stepping onto the fresh fallen leaves that continue to lure me into a deeper adventure, I can hear the song of the wild, the chant of the living.

It reminds me of a Chinese poem classic–归园田居 by the famous 陶渊明Tao Yuanmin. Who so insistently shared a passion of a life without any material desires and merely focusing on the beautiful and simplest things on earth. All those desires to climb up on top of each other, are just useless wishes that follow us no where when our lives end.
“The road is narrow and the grasses grow up to waist high; The dew of the sunset wet my clothes;
I do not find it unfortunate, as long as it does not go against your will”

Sorry for my bad translation. But I personally believe that without knowledge of Chinese, the beauty of this type of literature always lose almost entirely in translation.

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