A Healing Trip Home

Spending a couple of days in Shenzhen always soothes my mind. It takes me away from the stress and life-troubles on the Hong Kong side. It is quieter, Streets are wider, trees are greener, food have more variety, buildings are lower and the people smile a bit more. Even though this is already one of the most stressful cities in China. At least it is home.

After a year in university, I feel like a lot of things have changed in me. HKU have been a completely different experience than what I thought universities should be like. A hundred year old school situated in almost the middle of one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world, with all the financial and commercialism going on everyday instantaneously. So much distractions, competitions, chances and oppurtunities but also so much human reality forcing me to face. The time students spend in this university is almost the bare minimum amount. People seek internships, relations, escape, fun, alcohol almost everyday in the circle only steps away from campus and they seem to have learned a lot more from the outside world than inside the university. I feel like this is one of the mandatory courses HKU offers, but on the other hand, are we supposed to face reality and brutal competitions so early in our lives? My parents and grandparents always tell me to study harder and focus my energies on school work. But what I cannot explain to them, is that in this environment, if you only “waste” your three years of youth studying, a lot of things will be missed out and you will start from a starting line much much behind when you graduate. Everybody is smart. It is about who you deal with, how cool and interesting you are, how rich and powerful your parents are and how many relations you can get on your own. At least in my area of study, knowledge does not matter too much.

The experiences have been truly amazing and I have broadened a lot of my perspective. But I genuinely feel exhausted and tired trying to climb up and not fall behind everyday. Time is different. focus around like a high school student is no longer available and applicable. YOLO is outdated. Everything you do, everybody you know seem to have a purpose or intentions in the future. It is sad but true.

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2 thoughts on “A Healing Trip Home

  1. After i read your several passages,and this one made me pensive.The life of university is different from what i considered.During the freshmn year,i’ve known a lot. At any rate,people are not supposed to forget their own direction.BTW,like your attitude.Good luck to you:)

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