First time traveling as backpackers, staying at hostels, it really is a brand new experience. Choosing Turkey as our first stop, happened to be a great transition of our mindsets slowly from Asia to Europe.

The stop at Doha was surreal. As we fly away from the city, the whole human-creation of an artificial futuristic city, located in this desert bay along the jade blue water, simply gave me the chills of how ignorant I used to be about the Arabian Peninsula. As we fly towards Istanbul, we passed by Baghdad. The condense of human history feels so close and approachable for me looking down at the Mesopotamia, a mass of human soil with one of the oldest civilizations in the world is still breeding the people after 5000 years. Human beings can seem very powerful in conquering the nature, but only those who respect and co-exist with them survive through time and create a magnificent culture.




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