Budapest, the city and its wild child

Budapest and the Wild Children.

Budapest, a city separated into two parts, the Buda, and the Pest, by the Duna river that crosses its heart. An ex-communism country, one of the capitals of Central Europe, and a beautiful place.

Walking down the streets, it almost seems like nobody lives here. Buildings are all very delicately designed and constructed. Even just a resident building on a side street has a row of sculptures of ancient naked people standing on the walls and angles on top of your head smiling at you as you enter. The details is what is truly impressive about this town.

Walking down the main road Andrassy, lingering near the most gorgeous architectures in the city–The Opera, the Basilica, the Castle, the parliament, and the four breathtaking bridges crossing the river, the beauty of the city waves at you like a flying ferry, enlightening every spot she passes by and leaving behind a land of delights.

We head to bars and pubs almost every night, ignoring how exhausted we are from walking around all day. All the places here express the laid-back, relaxed and artistic atmosphere of Budapest. The places are often massive, in a courtyard inside a building, and with multiple floors of different themes and decorations. The creativity is what makes the places so fun and energetic for the youth. Szimpla Kert is, apparently, the third best pub in the world I think? I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun meeting young people from everywhere, but how did they even rate this?

One thing I have realized about these big european cities is that the youth culture is really big and dominant. Teenagers always go out, drink on the streets, sleep on the grass, chill by the water, or do whatever they like as if they own the city. They cycle, they skate, they rollerblade, they hike, they drink, they dance like no one is watching, and they express what they love and hate. This is not very obvious from the places i am from. Where teenagers get suppressed often, by the schooling system, the control of parents and the pressure of the society. Going out all night seems like such a “bad kids” thing to do and here, everybody is free and wild. I think this is what makes European cities so cool. The wild children and their boldness.














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