Vienna-Somethings are better if it only happened once

Vienna- In Search of My Childhood’s Best Pizza

I have been in Vienna almost 7 years go. The last time was just a brief journey through the entire continent. I did not get much time to really remember the charm and smell of each city. But one thing that was so clear and certain from my memories of Vienna was that piece of pizza I had quickly before I hopped on the bus and left. It was so juicy, so cheesy and the bread was so soft, like angels’ butts. Part of the reason why I decided to return to Vienna this time is to retrieve this memory of my childhood.

But Vienna turned out to be so much nicer than I ever remembered. Nice parks, clean streets, perfectly neat trams and metro, everything seems well and organized, and people seem very sophisticated. The Museum Quartier especially, is a perfect combination of old, classical Viennese building with the new technology and modern ideas of German-speaking countries.

On the first day, we walked everywhere. Architecture is still incredibly delicate here, but compared to Budapest, it feels like they are better maintained and with a bit more people walking around, so it actually looks like they are practical.

That night, we sat down by the City Hall, where a film festival was being held and they were playing a concert video. The atmosphere was really cool, everybody got out of their shed on this saturday night and drink, talk and hang out by the area of Volkgarten. We loved how they have these interesting events for all the citizens to participate in right in front of their government buildings.

Later on, we hopped around some artsy bars. One called “Donau”(like the river), was really hidden in a side street behind absolutely nothing. But inside, there is a projector playing artsy images and videos on the wall. The entire bar was converted from an old church. So the mixture of modernity and classics again made it very interesting. Later on, we asked some locals and got the direction to another underground club called Flex. This one was pretty sick. Legit Hong Kong XXX style. It is on the bank of the Donau River with a huge crowd of crazy teenagers looking for some fun on a night out. It was mainly techno and electro music, which i really adored and was good to get smashed and dance to. I had a really fun night out. Viennese also gave me a very fun and interesting impression.

The next day, we woke up late and checked out the museums. The exhibitions of Viennese local artists Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were the dominator of art scene in the city at this point. There was so much public spaces for the youth to hang out. It feels like it would be amazing to live in a city as comfortable as this.

As for that pizza, I could never really find it. I tried one at a pizzeria but it was not ideal. My mother said, “maybe it is best that you did not find it, so that it will always stay in your memory about how amazing that one time was.” This theory, very interestingly, fitted into the decision I was trying to make at the moment. And I guess she is right. I was young and unexperienced. So maybe that pizza was already so amazing to me. Let’s just leave it in the wind.








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