Ren Hang — The Purest Form of Naked Human Beings — 最纯粹的赤裸人性

Ren Hang, a young man with a mature look and tanned skin, hair as short as a Chinese soldiers’, always carrying an irresistibly cute and innocent smile on his cheeks. He is, perhaps, the sole artist and photographer with the most edgy outlook towards the naked human body.


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Vega Wang–牧人唱晚–A Knight Reborn

背井离乡,日夜看着家园被饥渴的资本家和摩登社会的理性所侵蚀,变得体无完肤。逃离,逃离,不断的回避。躲到深处,四处耸立的黑暗,慢慢驱使着那原始的重生。墙角的阴影中,那匹深棕色的马,那一双犀利的琥珀色双眼,射穿人们的视野,深入骨髓。Vega Wang 14年秋冬的廓形,皮草,和地球母亲的色调,诉说着一个富有灵魂的故事,也影射着她内心世界的一种渴望。

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The Liberated Bare and Dare—胆敢解放赤裸的超脱—Nicolas Guérin and Sheri Chiu


Next to a little square above Parmentier, I walked into an absolutely bizarre setting: a “Kawaii” café filled with Japanese anime posters, PVC toys of cartoon characters, video games, Final Fantasy themed chairs and furiously uplifting opening songs of cartoon series’. Sitting in the “French-Otaku” run café, there is a feeling of an absurd contrast from the neighborhood around which is surrounded by old-school bars on the ground floor of 18th century Haussmann Parisian buildings with angry football fans. This is where I am to meet the well-known French portrait photographer Nicolas Guérin and his Chinese-American wife, Sheri Chiu.

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